Hi, I'm Andrew. I create

My Expertise

I've got chops in all phases of the design process.



I collaborate with clients and peers to nurture and transform ideas into well thought out design specs. After all, that's where the majority of amazing user experiences start.



I sketch and wireframe interfaces focusing on content structure, intuitive UI patterns and simple interactions. I'm a minimalist who truly believes that less is more.



I design in the browser with HTML(5), CSS(3) and a touch of JavaScript. I love coding things from scratch, but I can work with front-end frameworks like Bootstrap too.

My Skills

Main area of my expertise is front-end development and everything related with this side of web. HTML (PUG), CSS (SCSS), JS (ES5/6/7), building small Web Apps, JQuery, building custom plugins, features, animations and just coding layouts.

Often i work as a full-stack developer - mainly in LAMP environment, PHP, Yii 2 framework and open sourse CMS like Wordpress.

I have also some experience with React.js, Node.js, Mongo DB (Keyston.JS).

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My Work

When I'm not freelancing, I'm working on digital products.


Covesting - is smart platform that helps investing by automatically copying the world's leading cryptocurrency traders.


BitBasket is a mobile application that helps you monitor and manage your crypto-currency purse.


ICO Calc is a simple calculator for calculating the profits of scams of crypto-currency projects.


SEPC POLET The information system of support of participants of the scientific and educational program "POLET" on the basis of indicators of creative rating and psychological characteristics.


Bookshelf is a simple one-page application for storing read books. Created for test task.


SearchHub is a simple one-page application for search GitHub users. Created for test task.


NoobCode is an online education platform that features project-based learning and 1-on-1 mentorship from industry experts. I mentor students in their Code Academy program.

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